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Choose Beauty

by Jane Godfrey

Released 2007
Released 2007
Original Americana. A versatile and pleasing blend of folk, rock, bluegrass and beyond, with a bright and refreshing flavor; sophisticated with a subtle texture of humor; organic and homegrown from Jane's imagination.
St. Louis native Jane Godfrey has been singing and playing guitar most of her life. Coming from a large family of musicians and artists, Jane has always been creatively inclined. While in her insomniac phase around the turn of the century, Jane turned to songwriting as a creative outlet for her own amusement. Jane’s passion for songwriting grew, prompting roadtrips to Nashville where her skills were nurtured by attending songwriting workshops and performing at …
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What I'm Up To

I am looking forward to my upcoming travels!  First, I'm heading to Chicago to participate in Sue Fink's Musical Mondays series at Uncommon Ground.  I'll be in the round with Sue Fink, Robin Bienemann, and Charles doubt we'll have a lot of laughs as well as put our hearts on the line in song.  After that, Sue and I will hit the road again - a little follow-up after our "Ya Just Never Know" tour last summer. (Read all about those adventures here:   We're going to Tulsa and Dallas to perform in a couple of house concerts. Can't wait!

My big family show is coming up.  This project has been in production in my mind for years, but it wasn't until last summer when I found the right venue (1900 Park) that it started to become a reality.  I'll be performing with my siblings and extended family members in a family-themed concert.  Two of my sisters are artists and their amazingly beautiful artworks (also family-themed) will be hanging in the gallery where we will be performing.  More on this later.



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